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Javascript and jquery validation for Tab

Tabs uses for  quick loading and load the page content without page refresh. In Tab the form validation can be done using through javascript and jquery concepts. From following coding the form can validated. Just include the jquery css file and min.js file  provided below. You can change or add newfiled for validation by adding… Read More »

Javascript validation for File uploading format

Upload file can be validate through javascript . By onclick, onchange, onsubmit we can do this validation. File extension can be analyzed  through below coding. You can change the file extension basis on your  requirement.Validation also for submit without any file selection.This javascript validation is simple and useful . Javascript [code type=html] <script type=”text/javascript”> function file_upload() { var… Read More »

How To: Find ESC key is pressed Using Javascript

You have seen in some websites, there will be some light box, popup windows and some tool tip . This can be closed by pressing ESC key. You may wondered about how the webpage detect my ESC key pressing. Here is the javascript to detect whether ESC key is pressed or not. View Demo [code… Read More »