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Introduction to Google Charts, jQuery Chart

Google has introduced its own jquery charts coding, which is easy to implement and fast loading. Have a look at this Google Chart Options. Google Charts having 20+ Chart type like Area Charts, Bar Charts, Calendar Charts, Column Charts, Geo Charts, Line Charts, Pie Charts, etc. Here in the below coding, three columns are available Year,… Read More »

Enquiry Page with IP and Location Tracker Using PHP

Enquiry page in a website is indeed, enquiry page is the very shortest way for visitor to communicate with the website team. Tracking the location and IP address of the visitor, who send enquiry may help website team, where is the visitor is from?. Here is the tutorial for how to track visitor from enquiry… Read More »

Replace Captcha by Simple Number Calculation Using Jquery

Captcha is the best way to ensure security of an input form in webpage. Instead of using captcha plugin, we can use jQuery to create numbered Calculation. Here is the tutorial to create numbered captcha using jquery. General concept behind this Calculation is two number will be shown, we have to add and type the sum… Read More »

Advance Password Strength Check Using jQuery

For every log in and registration form the password is more peculiar and important one. User also expect their password should be strength.The password can’t be easily guess by any one.The user may expect their password would be short or weak or good or strong. The password strength can be check using PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery. But… Read More »

Javascript and jquery validation for Tab

Tabs uses for  quick loading and load the page content without page refresh. In Tab the form validation can be done using through javascript and jquery concepts. From following coding the form can validated. Just include the jquery css file and min.js file  provided below. You can change or add newfiled for validation by adding… Read More »

Sticky Menu Bar Using jQuery

Sticky menu bar using jquery will make website visitor easier navigation. In normal, menu bar will be on top and user has to move top to pick another category. But sticky bar will be in a fixed position on top of the page. View Demo Stylesheet #list1 { background-color:#333; margin:-8px; } #list { margin:auto; width:900px; }… Read More »

jQuery Validation for Drop Down Box

Drop down box is also called as combo box, select box. jQuery validation for drop down box (select box) is some what complicated when compared to text box validation, because in select box( combo box) more than one values are placed in between <select> tag.  $(#year option:selected).val(); – gets the value of the selected drop… Read More »

Blink Effect on Mouse Move Over Using jQuery

Blink effect on mouse move over is like a dazzling  light show. When we move mouse in this box, over cursor path will be faded out (hides in particular interval) and show(fadein). Demo for blink effect using jquery is below here, just click on this link View Demo   stylesheet [code type=css] <style type=”text/css”> body {… Read More »

li Design with Close Button Using jQuery

li Design with Close Button Using jQuery. In this tutorial there are two features highlighting, one is box-shadow when move mouse on the box and another one is close button for every box. In this article i have explained how to make this box-shadow and close button. we are going to use CSS and jQuery.… Read More »