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Simple Pagination Using PHP MySQL

Webpage with more number of rowed data will make the page lengthier, pagination makes the long rows into small number of rows and remaining in next pages. Pagination in a webpage will make the webpage structure more crispy. Here is the tutorial about how to make simple pagination using php mysql    View Demo Download… Read More »

Store Value from On/Off Button in MySQL Database Using PHP Ajax

In most of the applications and in registration form, instead of using checkbox/radio button, animated on/off button being used to make user experience more user interface. Here is the tutorial for Store Value from On/Off Button in MySQL Database Using PHP Ajax. Selected value either it may be on/off, it will be stored in database.… Read More »

find_in_set mysql query

In some cases a field assigned for a user may be more and these are stored in a single column by using comma separation between each number. If we want to check whether any single number present in that column, we have to use in_array() php function. Note: find_in_Set mysql query is equivalent for php in_array() function Table Name: tb2   find_in_set mysql… Read More »

MySQL Query To Get Second Largest Number

Using SQL query, we can get second largest number from database. By using php code also, we can do this task. Necessity of using SQL query to get second largest number is, server load will be gradually decreased. In php coding. a SQL query and atleast 3 php functions will be used.   Here is the database… Read More »

User Registration Using PHP MySQL

user registration using php mysql is an important concept for newbie programmer, user details like username, password, gender of the user and email address will be asked. After user provided their details, in this index.php itself database updation will be takes place and notification about registration will be shown alert box. Demo [code type=html] CREATE TABLE `freeze`.`tb` (… Read More »