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Store Value from On/Off Button in MySQL Database Using PHP Ajax

In most of the applications and in registration form, instead of using checkbox/radio button, animated on/off button being used to make user experience more user interface. Here is the tutorial for Store Value from On/Off Button in MySQL Database Using PHP Ajax. Selected value either it may be on/off, it will be stored in database.… Read More »

User Registration Using PHP Ajax

Already we are having an article about user registration. Here is the tutorial for user registration in php and ajax. User Registration in ajax makes registration of user without page refresh. By using ajax for registration process, USer interface will be good. Here is the simple database structure which has fields id, username, password and… Read More »

Google Like Auto Suggest Search Using PHP Ajax

Auto suggest search is a very important aspect in UI(User Interface). Here is the tutorial and demo for how to make google like auto suggest search using php ajax. Without auto suggest option in search functionality or in search engine, we can’t achieve user interface,  user navigation. This search tutorial will have the following files… Read More »

Check existing Password in Ajax and change the Password

Analyze the existing password from database without refresh using ajax concept. The given password is compared with existing password in database and display whether it is correct or not. Here Ajax is used to analyze or check the exisiting password with  The HTML, Ajax,Mysql coding are provided below.You can try if you need to check… Read More »

Delay Hover Effect Using CSS3 Transition

Instead of javascript/jQuery, we can make delay hover effect using CSS3 Transition. By using css3, we can achieve simply whatever big in jquery/javascript. By this css3 transition effect, more stylish and animated menu/navigation bars can be easily made. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 -webkit-transition: all 500ms ease; -moz-transition: all 500ms ease;… Read More »

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Javascript Validation for Login page

Validation for login page is very important, because we can validate the user input using client side languages like jquery, javascript. Here is the Javascript Validation for Login page tutorial. Client side validation will reduce the server bandwidth usage. onsubmit=”return valid()” – This is used to  call valid() javascript function and return the function’s result. var… Read More »

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Add, List, Edit, Delete Record in Database Using PHP

Add, List, Edit, Delete Record in Database Using PHP is a very simple task given to php newbie to check about their knowledge in php. This add, list, edit and delete record operation uses all basic SQL queries (i.e., insert, select, update, delete) Add record – Insert sql query List record - Select sql query Edit… Read More »

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How To: Send HTML Designed Email

HTML Designed email looks pretty good, when compared to ordinary text email (without applying style). Most of the emails from a concern are html designed, some of the email are Daily newsletter, verification mail, notification mail. while send html email using php, our brand will be popular with our theme colored email. This will work… Read More »

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Insert Data Using Radio Button in PHP Ajax

Using Ajax, we can insert data into mysql database using radio button without  refreshing the page. In some concept, we need to insert data into database and selected option value should remain as selected even after insert into database. This can be achieved when page wouldn’t refresh (i.e.,  using ajax script)   Database 1 2… Read More »