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How to Create Widget in WordPress using PHP Code

Widget in wordpress will be more helpful for non-developer, widget can be create easily with simple steps. Widgets are the important advantage in wordpress, . Here is the tutorial for how to create widget in wordpress using php code. function freeze_plugin() – this function will create the widget name as “Freeze Widget” function form() – this function… Read More »

How to Display Tags in top of the Post WordPress

In wordpress, the single page (i.e., full post/article page) will shown the full detail about the post like date published, comments, author, title, content and some themes will show the tags at the bottom of the post. Displaying the tags at top of the post will reduce the bounce rate and make user to go… Read More »

How to make Full Width Header in Thesis

Default thesis skin will comes with a fixed header. Here is the way how to make full width header in thesis framework. Full width header will gives the website pleasant look. Full width header can also be done with custom php code, here we are going to have a full width header with thesis editor.… Read More »

How to Create Simple WordPress Plugin

Creating a WordPress Plugin is a little bit easier. Here is the simple tutorial for wordpress plugin development. Plugin development involves following important aspects   Download >> Freeze-Plugin Plugin   This plugin will display today’s date How to Use this Plugin Download this plugin and install in your server/localhost Posts -> Add New type  … Read More »