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jQuery Validation for Drop Down Box

Drop down box is also called as combo box, select box. jQuery validation for drop down box (select box) is some what complicated when compared to text box validation, because in select box( combo box) more than one values are placed in between <select> tag.  $(#year option:selected).val(); – gets the value of the selected drop… Read More »

jQuery Validation for Radio Button and Check Box

Validation for radio button and check box in a webpage is important. Radio button and check boxes are used in poll, online test, registration form, etc. In each and every registration or any form, radio button & check box will have validation ( that is either javascript or jquery) View Demo Stylesheet 1 2 3… Read More »

jQuery User Registration form Validation

jQuery user registration form validation will avoid some improper registration. Every registration web form should have a validation. when we implement registration form without validation, user may submit null values and many problems will occur, which leads our site to be more vulnerable. Here i have implemented registration page with 5 values( username, password, re-enter… Read More »

jQuery Validation for Login Form

Every Login form should have client side validation. If we have not used client side validation, our code will go to server and check the username and password, it will increase server traffic. By using client side validation null username and password can be filtered in browser itself, so that we can reduce server traffic.… Read More »