How to Connect MSSQL with php using PDO-SQLSRV

PHP is Supporting Many Databases. We can connect MSSQL with PHP using the following method. There are many different ways available to connect MSSQL with PHP, here is the tutorial for establishing database connectivity between MSSQL and PHP using PDO. Step 1: Install the SQL Server related version you need from this link. Click here… Read More »

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Calculating Difference Between Two days And Display Particular Period of days Using PHP

In PHP some application depends on date , Calculating Diffence between two days and displaying a period of days or month or years. We Are using to calculate difference between two days using DateTime class. This helpfull for many web application that depends on date time based. Finding Difference between  two days: [code] $date1 =… Read More »

HTML5 Datalist

Datalist Tag is an input element, which is used as both dropdown and textbox element. The main advantage of datalist is autocomplete option. Syntax for datalist will looks like the combination of input element textbox and dropdown. All options have to be inside the datalist and datalist’s ID should be declared as input element list… Read More »

HTML5 Progress Bar

HTML5 Progress Bar will be used to minimize the html coding. <progress> tag is used to make progress bar. Below is the progress bar syntax and example. The parameter max is the maximum value for the progress bar and parameter value is the percentage out of maximum value.     [code type=html] <progress value=”40″ max=”100″></progress> [/code]… Read More »

Simple Paypal Payment Integration Tutorial

All of us know that Paypal is an one of the easiest way of electronic payment. Here is the Simple Paypal Payment Integration Tutorial. Sandbox URL – Actual URL –     Paypal Payment Code [code type=html] <html> <body> </body> </html> [/code] <input type=”hidden” name=”item_name” value=”Test Product”> Specifies the item name of the… Read More »

Introduction to Google Charts, jQuery Chart

Google has introduced its own jquery charts coding, which is easy to implement and fast loading. Have a look at this Google Chart Options. Google Charts having 20+ Chart type like Area Charts, Bar Charts, Calendar Charts, Column Charts, Geo Charts, Line Charts, Pie Charts, etc. Here in the below coding, three columns are available Year,… Read More »

Best 5 CSS Table Design

Table design will be a primary object, when data are displayed in list (using table). It is easy to list the values from database using HTML Tables. Here is some of the Table design. Table design will be a primary object, when data are displayed in list (using table). It is easy to list the… Read More »

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How to Create Widget in WordPress using PHP Code

Widget in wordpress will be more helpful for non-developer, widget can be create easily with simple steps. Widgets are the important advantage in wordpress, . Here is the tutorial for how to create widget in wordpress using php code. function freeze_plugin() – this function will create the widget name as “Freeze Widget” function form() – this function… Read More »

Enquiry Page with IP and Location Tracker Using PHP

Enquiry page in a website is indeed, enquiry page is the very shortest way for visitor to communicate with the website team. Tracking the location and IP address of the visitor, who send enquiry may help website team, where is the visitor is from?. Here is the tutorial for how to track visitor from enquiry… Read More »