How To: Change WordPress Theme Name

By | October 1, 2012

This tutorial is about changing wordpress theme name, wordpress themes are available as free and premium. since wordpress is a open  source, we can modify/edit the source code without developers knowledge and it is not copyrighted to anyone.

Why Bloggers Change wordpress theme name

  • Bloggers customize an unpopular theme, make it as good looking theme and they think that this theme could not be used by anyone.
  • Just to show that theme is self created.

How To: See a Website’s WordPress theme name

There are two easiest ways to see website’s theme name.

1] Just go to and give site name, it will displays theme name and some other details about that theme.

2] View page source of  that website, there will be link for css file or some other like this /wp-content/themes/freeze/style.css. Here freeze is the theme name.


How To: Change WordPress Theme Name

1] Just go to wp-content -> themes, this folder will have all themes.

2] Change the theme name of your wish.


3] Go to Appearance -> Themes, Theme will be renamed and activate the theme.

Note:  Above is for localhost, for your live website do as same.



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