Simple Pagination Using PHP MySQL

Webpage with more number of rowed data will make the page lengthier, pagination makes the long rows into small number of rows and remaining in next pages. Pagination in a webpage will make the webpage structure more crispy. Here is the tutorial about how to make simple pagination using php mysql    View Demo Download… Read More »

How to Display Tags in top of the Post WordPress

In wordpress, the single page (i.e., full post/article page) will shown the full detail about the post like date published, comments, author, title, content and some themes will show the tags at the bottom of the post. Displaying the tags at top of the post will reduce the bounce rate and make user to go… Read More »

How to make Full Width Header in Thesis

Default thesis skin will comes with a fixed header. Here is the way how to make full width header in thesis framework. Full width header will gives the website pleasant look. Full width header can also be done with custom php code, here we are going to have a full width header with thesis editor.… Read More »

Disable Selection of Particular area using CSS3 Property user-select

CSS3 allows to disable the selection of particular area using user-select property. This property will be useful in websites, which doesn’t wants user to copy particular content by selection. We can copy the unselectable area by other means, but its a primary step to disable particular area selection.   User-select CSS3 Code [code type=css] -webkit-user-select:… Read More »

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5 PHP Functions for Words Formatting

PHP functions are used for text formatting. Formatting like uppercase, lowercase and first letter uppercase can also be done using php functions, here is the 5 php functions for words/text formatting ucwords strtoupper strtolower ucfirst lcfirst   ucwords() Make each word’s first letter as capital letter [code type=php] $text = “freeze coders”; $text1 = ucwords($text); // Output… Read More »

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