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How to Connect MSSQL with php using PDO-SQLSRV

PHP is Supporting Many Databases. We can connect MSSQL with PHP using the following method. There are many different ways available to connect MSSQL with PHP, here is the tutorial for establishing database connectivity between MSSQL and PHP using PDO. Step 1: Install the SQL Server related version you need from this link. Click here… Read More »

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Calculating Difference Between Two days And Display Particular Period of days Using PHP

In PHP some application depends on date , Calculating Diffence between two days and displaying a period of days or month or years. We Are using to calculate difference between two days using DateTime class. This helpfull for many web application that depends on date time based. Finding Difference between  two days: [code] $date1 =… Read More »

Simple Paypal Payment Integration Tutorial

All of us know that Paypal is an one of the easiest way of electronic payment. Here is the Simple Paypal Payment Integration Tutorial. Sandbox URL – Actual URL –     Paypal Payment Code [code type=html] <html> <body> </body> </html> [/code] <input type=”hidden” name=”item_name” value=”Test Product”> Specifies the item name of the… Read More »

Enquiry Page with IP and Location Tracker Using PHP

Enquiry page in a website is indeed, enquiry page is the very shortest way for visitor to communicate with the website team. Tracking the location and IP address of the visitor, who send enquiry may help website team, where is the visitor is from?. Here is the tutorial for how to track visitor from enquiry… Read More »

Simple Pagination Using PHP MySQL

Webpage with more number of rowed data will make the page lengthier, pagination makes the long rows into small number of rows and remaining in next pages. Pagination in a webpage will make the webpage structure more crispy. Here is the tutorial about how to make simple pagination using php mysql    View Demo Download… Read More »

5 PHP Functions for Words Formatting

PHP functions are used for text formatting. Formatting like uppercase, lowercase and first letter uppercase can also be done using php functions, here is the 5 php functions for words/text formatting ucwords strtoupper strtolower ucfirst lcfirst   ucwords() Make each word’s first letter as capital letter [code type=php] $text = “freeze coders”; $text1 = ucwords($text); // Output… Read More »

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How to Create Simple WordPress Plugin

Creating a WordPress Plugin is a little bit easier. Here is the simple tutorial for wordpress plugin development. Plugin development involves following important aspects   Download >> Freeze-Plugin Plugin   This plugin will display today’s date How to Use this Plugin Download this plugin and install in your server/localhost Posts -> Add New type  … Read More »

CSS to Expand Search Box, When Mouse Move Over

In most of the search box when we move mouse over on searchbox, it will expand. Here is the css coding for expanding search box, when mouse mouse over. View Demo CSS [code type=css] #text { border:2px solid #963; padding: 3px; height: 34px; width: 242px; transition: 800ms all ease; } #text:hover { width:280px; border:2px solid… Read More »

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